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第三十六条  内国法人がその役員と政令で定める特殊の関係のある使用人に対して支給する給与(債務の免除による利益その他の経済的な利益を含む。)の額のうち不相当に高額な部分の金額として政令で定める金額は、その内国法人の各事業年度の所得の金額の計算上、損金の額に算入しない。

(Exclusion of Excessive Remuneration for Employees from Deductible Expenses)
Article 36  The portion of the amount of remuneration paid by a domestic corporation to employees who have a special relationship as specified by Cabinet Order with its officers (including profits resulting from a release from an obligation and other economic benefits) that is specified by Cabinet Order as an amount which is unreasonably high is excluded from deductible expenses, when calculating the amount of income of the domestic corporation for each business year.